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Hunan Jingneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: EV Charging Station
On-site material inspectionMinor customizationSuppliers fortune 500 companiesCooperated suppliers (15)

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Established in 2014, our business covers ev charger, AC ev charging station, DC ev charging station, liquid cooled super charging station, power swap station, energy storage, energy big data, etc. From independent R&D, production to project package, we have successfully established a complete industrial chain. By 2023, our group has established 4 R&D centers and 7 production factories, we are still growing rapidly and becoming stronger! Our business has covered the whole of China and 15 other countries, we have served above 1000 enterprises and government departments. Our promotion is to provide clean and stable energy products and services to all around the world. And we are just getting started! Welcome to CHINA, welcome to CJNOO! Tel/Whatsapp: +4407355276591